Wild Mushrooms
Maurice Philippet's Omelette with Chanterelles
Remy Du Pasquier's Meatballs Forestière
Daniel Barbet's Seafood Sausages with Chanterelles and Cream Sauce
Vietnamese Stir-Fried Noodles with Chicken and Wild Mushroom
Edible Flowers
Roger Fisher's Green Bean Salad
Roger Fisher's Flower Tempura
Nasturtiums Stuffed with Garlicky Gorgonzola Spread
Scented Geranium Tea Bread
Football Weekend
Barbara Lange's Mediterranean Seafood Stew
Barbara Lange's Pear Frangipani Tart
Green Salad with French Dressing
Herb Dip
Marinated Filet of Beef with Horseradish Cream
Warm Penn State Cheddars Dip
BlueŽsh Baked in White Wine
Seth's Western Strata
Special-Occasion Indulgence
Leslie Shallcross's Cassata Cake
Native American Touch
Nathan Benner's Turtle Stew
Goose Day, September 29
Roast Goose with Apples
Wild Birds
John Koritko's Stir-Fried Dove with Mushrooms and Peppers
Tom Massaro's Grouse with Cinnamon and Walnut Sauce
The Vintner's Harvest
Betty Carroll's Steamed Salmon in White Wine
Apple Time
Corene Johnston's Apple Butter Dip
Corene Johnston's Apple Butter Sour Cream Cake
Apple Crisp
Pumpkins and Winter Squash
Marcia Thompson's Microwave Pumpkin Oatmeal
Kirstin Kapustik's Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cake
Wild Mushroom Lasagne with Butternut Squash Filling
The Noble Porker
Raspberry Pork Tenderloins
Jeanne Confer's Ham Potpie
Jeanne Confer's Cabbage Slaw
Courtney Confer's Mountain Stew
International Sharing
Durga Rauniyar's Nepalese Chicken
Durga Rauniyar's Mung Bean Soup
Durga Rauniyar's Cucumber Pickle
Nathalie Longefay's Sausages and Shallots Cooked in Beaujolais
Nathalie Longefay's Potatoes au Gratin
Grandma Elizabeth Yost's German Raw Apple Cake
Turkey Gravy
Roast Turkey with Bread Stuffing
Savory Bread Stuffing
Hunter's Reward
Phil Sollman's Moroccan Tagine of Venison
Venison Tenderloin Diablo
Venison Steaks with Morel Sauce

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